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Using the Dealer Website

Title File Name
How to Use the Dealer Website Ep02: Frequently Used Tools EP02 frequently_used_tools.mp4  
How to Use the Dealer Website Ep03: Four Ways to Order EP03 four_ways_to_order.mp4  
How to Use the Dealer Website Ep04: Placing an Order & Checking Out EP04 checking_out.mp4  
How to Use the Dealer Website Ep05: Other Resources & Checking Out EP05 resources_and_demo_registration.mp4  
How to Use the Dealer Website Ep01: Introduction & The Dealer Dashboard EP01 consumerDealer_dealerDashboard.mp4  

Outdoor Lighting

Niche Installation Guides

Title File Name
Niche Light 180° Marker Applications NICHE_LIGHT_180_MARKER-applications_REV1.pdf  
Niche Light 90° Marker Applications NICHE_LIGHT_90_MARKER-applications_REV1.pdf  
Niche Light Wiring Guide NICHE_LIGHT_wiring_guide2.pdf  
Niche Light 360° Shroud Applications NICHE_LIGHT_360_SHROUD-applications_REV1.pdf  
Niche Light Bullet Shroud Applications NICHE_LIGHT_BULLET_SHROUD-applications_REV1.pdf  
Night Light Escutcheon Shroud Applications NICHE_LIGHT_ESCUTCHEON_SHROUD-applications_REV1.pdf  

Accessory Installation Guides

Title File Name
Security Tri-Mount Installation Guide SECURITY_MOUNT_INSTALLATION_GUIDE_rev2.pdf  
Light Sensing Timer Installation Instructions TIMERLS_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf  


Title File Name
Changing Beam Angles ChangingBeamAngles_FULL16.pdf  
Coastal Maintenance CS_Coastal_Maintenance.pdf  
What is Patina? CS_WHAT_IS_PATINA.pdf  
System Care Program System Care Program.pdf  
Spec Guide CS Product Spec Catalog.pdf  
CS Competitor Comparison Guide CS_CompetitorComparisonGuide.pdf  
G3 LED White Paper G3_LED_WHITE_PAPER_2015-2.pdf  
Dimming Guide DIMMING-GUIDE.pdf  

Outdoor Audio

Audio Packages

Title File Name
Audio Packages (cables not included) A LA CARTE Audio System Packages.pdf  
Audio Packages (cables included) ALL-IN_AudioPackages.pdf  
Outdoor Theater Audio Packages Outdoor Theater Audio Packages.pdf  

Wiring Diagrams & Guides

Title File Name
All-In - System Wiring Guide ALL-IN_WIRING_DIAGRAMS.pdf  
A La Carte - System Wiring Guide A-LA-CARTE_WIRING_DIAGRAMS.pdf  
5P Speaker Level Wiring Guide 5P_SPEAKER_LEVEL_WIRING_GUIDE.pdf  
Speaker Wiring Diagram SAS250-4MINIBOLLARDS.pdf  
CRS Detailed Wiring Example CRS2800 + (8) 3-Ways.pdf  
CRS Configuration Examples CRS AMPs CONFIGURATION EXAMPLES.pdf  
Uni-Connect 8C Pinout Guide Uni-Connect 8C Pinout Guide.pdf  
JBX 8C Converter Installation Guide JBX 8C Converter Installation Guide.pdf  


Title File Name
CAS Amp Settings CAS_AMP_SETTINGS.pdf  
Bollard Speaker - Poor Soil Installation BOLLARD_POOR-SOIL_INSTALLATION.pdf  
CS Speaker Ratings CS_SPEAKER_RATINGS.pdf  
Spec Guide CS Product Spec Catalog.pdf  
Speaker Frequency Response Graph FREQUENCY_RESPONSE_PIANO_GRAPH.pdf  
Resolving Crestron Hum w/ CAS Amps ResolvingCrestonHum.pdf  
Sub/Zero Sell Sheet CS_SUB-ZERO_SellSheet.pdf  
Bollard Speaker Designer Series FLyer CS_DesignerSeries Bollard Flyer_FINAL090117.pdf  
Audio Amp & Speaker Matrix - Without Pricing AMP-&-SPEAKER-MATRIX-2021.pdf  
70V vs. Direct Drive Audio Whitepaper COASTAL_SOURCE_70V_WHITE_PAPER.pdf  
Sub/Zero Whitepaper SubZeroWhitepaper.pdf  
Audio Amp & Speaker Matrix - With Pricing AMP-&-SPEAKER-MATRIX-with-pricing-2021.pdf  

Installation Guides

Title File Name
300W Power Supply Installation Template 300W_PS_INSTALLATION_TEMPLATE.pdf  
JBX Converter Installation Guide JBX_C_GUIDE.pdf  
JBX Pass-Through Installation Guide JBX_PT_GUIDE.pdf  
JBX Converter Installation Detail JBX_CONVERTER_DETAIL.pdf  
JBX Pass-Through Installation Detail JBX_PASSTHROUGH_DETAIL.pdf  
JBX 8C Converter Installation Detail JBX_8C_CONVERTER_DETAIL.pdf  

Installation Guides and Manuals

Title File Name
Cable Rules for Maximum Runs Cable_Rules.pdf  
PVC Sleeving Guide - CC Cables 12AWG-2C-Installation-Sheet.pdf  
PVC Sleeving Guide - 8C Uni-Connect 12AWG-8C-Installation-Sheet.pdf  

Dealer Toolkits

Title File Name
Dealer Toolkit Guide Dealer-Toolkit_Online.pdf  
Dealer Toolkit Guide - Print Version Dealer-Toolkit_Print.pdf