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MR16 Tree Light w/ Uniball Mount

Tree Light with Uniball Mount

Mounting a fixture in a tree isn't easy. Our Uniball Mount allows you to pre-drill ONE hole and drive one stainless steel screw into the tree. No more aligning of 2-3 hanger bolts and no more removing the fixture to make adjustments. Thanks to great work by our Lead Designer Sean, this is the best Tree Light system on the planet!

MR16 Tree Light w/ Uniball Mount Specifications

Size: 10 in. (L) x 3 in. (W) (fixture/mount)
         4.5 in. x 0.375 in. (Ø) (Uniball Screw)

Weight: 4.0 lbs

Construction: Solid Brass

Voltage: 7-18VAC/7-24VDC

Finish: Vintage Brass

Shroud: 360° Rotational with O-ring

Lamp: MR16 LED

Wattage: Maximum 9W G3 MR16 LED

Lens: Clear Flat Borosilicate Glass

Mounting: Uniball Tree Mount (Stainless Steel bolt)

Fixture Connector: CMC Male Direct Connector

Wiring: Removable 6" CMC-CC Y-Cable (not included)

Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty*