Engraved Spey® Whiskey Glass

Jason Approved & CS Engraved!

Inspired by classic tasting, the Spey Tumbler lets you savour your drink. Made for everyday drinking, this tumbler borrows the copa shape from distillery tasters. A large rounded bowl gives a good space to swirl your spirit to release aromas and flavors. Also, this bowl gives plenty of room for you to add water or ice to suit your tastes. This whisky glass tapers towards the top, directing aromas towards the nose.

Jason's Top 5 Bourbons You Should Sip From This Glass:
Eagle Rare (~$35)
1792 Full Proof (~$45)
Old Forester 1920 (~$50)
Four Roses Small Batch Select (~$60)
Widow Jane 12yr (~$80)

Engraved Spey® Whiskey Glass Specifications

Whisky savoring tumbler
Fluted tulip shape
8.5 oz. in capacity
Copita shape
Machine made glass
Dishwasher safe


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