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Dealer Toolkit

Have the Coastal Source parts you need when you need them.

Don’t forget to reorder!

The Coastal Source Dealer Toolkit is a collection of parts and pieces to make sure you don’t have to worry about missing an adapter or allen key or set screw during your Coastal Source installation. This kit includes all of the most requested replacement parts as well as the most helpful tools to get the job done quickly. Once you use an item, be sure to reorder that part so you are prepared on the next installation. You can do this using the printed form or by clicking the product links when viewing on a computer.

We want installing a Coastal Source system to be enjoyable and profitable, and we hope this kit helps achieve that by making sure you have the parts you need.

Dealer Toolkit Specifications

Dealer Toolkit includes:

(1) SPY2WYBK-CC - In-Line 2-Way Splitter (All CC)
(1) SPY3WYBK-CC - In-Line 3-Way Splitter (All CC)
(1) SPY3WYBK-CMC - In-Line 3-Way Splitter (All CMC)
(1) SPY2WYBK-TB - Trunk-Branch 2-Way Splitter (CC-M, CMC-F, CC-F)
(32) Assorted Slap Wrap Cable Markers
(2) ORINGCCMRD-10PK - 10pk CC Male O-Rings
(2) ORINGCMCMRD-10PK - 10pk CMC Male O-Rings
(1) FUSE15A-5PK - 5pk 15A Slow-Blow Fuses for Direct Burial Transformers
(1) TMTTS7VB-10PK - 10pk Tree Mount Thumb Screw
(9) Assorted Light Filters and Effects
(2) SURGE-CC - Surge Suppressor (CC)
(1) SURGE-CMC - Surge Suppressor (CMC)
(1) RSTSS4CU-10PK - 10pk Riser & Stake Set Screws
(1) FMH1/2VB-10PK - 10pk ½“ Flush Mount Hardware
(2) FCAPBK - 10pc Female Caps (CC)
(2) MCAPBK - 10pc Male Caps (CC)
(2) CMC-M/CC-F - CMC Male - CC Female Adapter
(3) CC-M/CMC-F - CC Male - CMC Female Adapter
(1) PHS9VB-10PK - 10pk Path Hat Screws
(1) BTKS21VB-10PK - 10pk Bullet Knuckle Screws
(2) FCAPBK-CMC - 10pc Female Caps (CMC)
(2) MCAPBK-CMC - 10pc Male Caps (CMC)
(2) IFS12BK-KIT - In-Field Splice Kit
(5) Super Lube Grease Packs
(1) Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 242
(1) Stubby Screwdriver
(1) SAE Hex Ket Set