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CAS Stream w/ Bluetooth

CAS Bluetooth Receiver

CAS Stream: Bluetooth
This CAS features an high quality Bluetooth 4.1 receiver. This system is designed for use in wall mounted applications as a Bluetooth streamer for small CAS amp based systems.

1. Bluetooth requires line of sight to operate effectively and has a range of 33'.
2. CAS Stream w/ Bluetooth MUST share a power supply with the amp it is feeding in order to avoid unwanted noise. (Includes CC Y-Splitter for this purpose)
3. 5P Extensions cables are required to connect the CAS Stream to a CAS Amplifier.

CAS Stream w/ Bluetooth Specifications

Size of Unit (L x W): 2.25in x 2.43in

Size with Cables (L x W): 10.12in x 2.43in

Construction: UV Resistant ABS

Weight: 0.15 lbs

Power In: 15-24VDC (not included)

Mounting: Wall / Post Mount with adhesive back or screws (not included)

Line-Out: Female 5P Connector

Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth 4.1

Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty