White 12 AWG CC Extension Cables (CL2 Rated)

White CL2 Cables for In-Wall Use

These White Coastal Connector (CC) Cables are 12 AWG and CL2 rated for in-wall use. These are ideal in situations where a thicker gauge wire is required indoors, such as with the CRS series of amplifiers.

White 12 AWG CC Extension Cables (CL2 Rated) Specifications

Length: 5’, 10’, 25’, 50’, 100’

Weight: 0.55, 1.0, 2.45, 4.95, 9.70 lbs

Construction: Triple-Jacketed CL2 Cable, Gold Plated Pins, Twisted Pairs

Color: White

Wire: 12 AWG Marine-Grade Tinned Wire (2 Conductor)

Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty*


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