CRS Input Cable Adapters (Unbalanced)

RCA Unbalanced Input Cable Adapters for CRS Amps (sold in pairs)

RCA Unbalanced Input Cable Adapters are an included accessory for our line of amplifiers. They allow for standard, unbalanced RCA inputs to be used with the amplifiers.

NOTE: 2 pairs of these adapters are already included with each CRS amplifier. These should only be necessary to purchase if the (2) pairs that accompany each CRS Amplifier are lost.

Sold in pairs

CRS Input Cable Adapters (Unbalanced) Specifications

Length (L): 9.75 in.

Weight: 0.20 lbs

Construction: Triple-Jacketed CL2 Cable, Gold Plated Pins, Twisted Pairs

Color: White

Wire: 22AWG Marine-Grade Tinned Wire

Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty*


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