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CS Design Services Forms

Quick Estimate (Budget Only) - A range of cost of the job in dealer pricing based on fixture type and count. We will provide an itemized list that creates a cost estimate along with what may be estimated for additional cables.

Quick Estimate w/ Fixture Placement - The best submission request to begin with, especially if the fixture count is not known or you predict that there may be some changes to the final proposal. We will provide suggestions by proposing a fixture placement and provide an estimate based on fixture count, including additional cables to be added. Ability to work within budgetary estimates. No wiring diagram is provided at this stage, but makes for a good follow up with the client and conceptually gives them an idea and budget number.

Basic Proposal - Best if you are an experienced dealer and have a final fixture placement approved. Includes customized cover sheet, engineered plan with wire diagram, fixture identifications including wattage and color temperature, and bill of materials provided in dealer and retail pricing. Great as a basic sales tool or construction document for installation.

Full Proposal - Best if you are a new dealer and have a final fixture placement approved. Includes cover sheet, engineered plan, fixture identification and bill of materials. Additionally includes cut sheets, installation details, and warranty information. Full sales presentation and construction documentation.