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Coastal Connector

Patent pending Coastal Connector...just Plug+Play

Did you know? Connections are the #1 cause of failure in electrical systems.
Source Rockwell Automation

Not any more. Thanks to patented Coastal Connector which is an industry first for landscape lighting. Coastal Connector utilizes marine-grade tinned wire that quickly forms an in-line connection with male and female waterproof connectors.

INFORMATION: Simply plug the connectors together, twist closed and you have made an air and water tight connection.

Landscape lighting systems are installed in the field. Dirt, water, fertilizer, bugs and plant roots will find a way to infiltrate spliced connections.

Typical lighting designs feature a few to a few dozen light fixtures. Fixtures are wired from the power source through a series of splices until all fixtures are connected. When wires are cut and spliced it is almost impossible to create an air-tight, waterproof connection. These connections expose wiring to moisture and corrosion - a big no-no for anything electrical. All Coastal Source landscape lights come with Coastal Connectors already installed. This allows you to make an air and water tight connection every time. Simply plug and twist shut to form a waterproof seal that is impervious to the elements.

The best fixtures and connectors require the same performance from the wire that connects them. That’s why we chose to incorporate marine-grade tinned wire throughout our lighting system. This is the same wire you will find on the highest quality yachts.

Save time and money. Just place your fixtures in the desired locations, lay the appropriate length of cables and plug them together. That’s it.

Want to add a few fixtures or eliminate some? No problem. Simply unplug then Plug+Play with Coastal Connector.

Stay tuned for even more innovative products from Coastal Source that will utilize patented Coastal Connector.